CV Shafts

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CV Shafts are an integral part of your vehicles steering system . There are two CV Shafts, one on the left and one on the right. The outer CV Joint fits into the wheel hub and the inner CV Joint fits into the gearbox or diff. All front wheel drive vehicles will have CV Shafts. The Inner CV Joints connect the driveshafts to the transmission, while the outer CV Joints connect the driveshafts to the wheels. Many rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles as well as trucks have CV Joints. The CV Joint provides the dynamic connection between the engine and driving wheels, transmitting power and allowing steering angles whilst accommodating suspension movements and isolating vibrations.

Maintenance: Always replace worn or torn CV Boots. This will eliminate the grease leaking out and the water and debris contaminating the joint. A clicking sound when turning is a clear sign of a worn Outer CV Joint. The inner CV Joint has less obvious symptoms but will usually present as a vibration.
Do not ignore damaged CV Shafts, they can affect your ability to steer the vehicle.